Citation Sound-1

Pre-Amplifier: CS-1
MC-ONE Step-Up Transformer

MC-One Transformer
Citation Sound-2

Mono Block Amp: CS-2
Cayin 880 Selection

Power Amplifier: 880 Selection

Integrated Amp: A-55TP
Cayin 688-R

Integrated Amplfier: Cayin 688-R
Line Amplfier: Cayin iDAC-1

Line Amplfier: iDAC-1
Power Amplifier Cayin SP-40M

Power Amplifier Cayin SP-40M
Pre Amplifier Cayin SP-30S

Pre Amplifier Cayin SP-30S
CD-Player SP-CD300

CD-Player Cayin SP-CD300
Integrated Amplifier SP-10A

Integrated Amplifier SP-10A
HA-1A Headphone Amp

Headphone Amp: HA-1A
A-50T Integrated Amp

Integrated Amp: A-50T
A-70T Integrated Amp

Integrated Amp: A-70T
A-88T Integrated AMP

Integrated AMP: A-88T
A-100T Integrated Amp

Integrated Amp: A-100T
H-80A Integrated Amp

Integrated Amp: H-80A
S-200 Integrated Amp

Integrated Amp: S-200
300B Integrated Amp

Integrated Amp: 300B
SC-5LS Pre-Amplifier

Pre-Amplifier: SC-5LS
Phono-One Pre-Amplifier

Pre-Amplifier: Phono-One
860 Mono Block Amp / Pair

Mono Block Amp: 860
9088D Mono Block Amp

Mono Block Amp: 9088D
CD-50T Tube CD Player

Tube CD Player: CD-50T
CDT-23 Tube CD Player

Tube CD Player: CDT-23
CDT-17A Tube CD Player

Tube CD Player: CDT-17A

V Series: V2M

V Series: V3M

V Series: V6F

V Series: V8F

V Series: V4C

AURUM CANTUS - Grand Supreme

Grand Supreme
TFW-7D Speaker Stand

Anti-Vibration Magic

Anti-Vibration Magic

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VAS Industries Inc.

         VAS Industries is a manufacturer & distributor of fine audio electronics and speakers, formed by a group of audiophiles in New Jersey, USA. VAS Industries was built on the premise that good sound did not need to be expensive.


          The VAS line of electronics was designed & quality in USA,is based on 4 principals: Simple, inexpensive, well built and have to be sound good. VAS is also proud to re-introduce updated versions of the famous Citation Sound-1, a full funtion three channel preamplifier,and Citation Sound-2 power amp now in mono block construction. Two of the finest pieces of audio gear are now back in production, but built in 2006 specs. Both of them have met and  exceeded all expections.


           Cayin Electronics has raised the bar to new levels that caught the attention of audiophiles, both seasoned & star-ups. Cayin  incorporates the latest transistor and hybird technology in some of their design resulting in a little different flavor of audio magic.Being the U S importer of Cayin has giving us a chance to examine the first class construction that is used in all the Cayin products. When every screw is a machine screw, when every transformer is potted for noise, when every front panel looks like it was made by NASA, you begin to get the feeling that you are dealing with a company that really cares about what they make. Cayin is producing a line of the highest quality audio equipments, including Pre-Amps, Integrated Amps,CD Players & more, that is expanding upon the classic design and sounds that gave tube audio its dedicated following. Although some of the Cayin amplifiers are based on proven legendary circuirt designs, make no mistake that they are thoroughly modern works of audio art. Enhanced circuit designs utilizing advanced parts technology take these classic circuits to the 21st century and beyond. Coupled with their State of the Art ultra low loss transformers results in a sound that is transparent, resolving, supremely musical, tonally natural with open and spacious 3D imaging. Their stunning build quality is as impressive as its sound. A Modern Classic!!We offer this with a price and reliability that will allow many more listeners to get involved and fall in love with the absolute effertless sound that only tube equipment can offer.


          Aurum Cantus, one of the most awards winning loudspeaker company in China.Now VAS Industries is the U S exclusive importer of this world famous ribbon tweeter speakers.Aurun Cantus makes a very broad line of speakers and drivers for domestic purpose. In order to help stop gray market sales from overseas dealers, Aurum Cantus creates a lines of speakers that would be unique to the U S market. With that point, VAS worked with Aurum Cantus to develop the "V" & "Grand" series.These changes will solidify the Aurum Cantus model set for the future.It reinforced that only these models of Aurum Cantus products purchased through VAS or one of their Authorized dealers will be genuine high quality Aurum Cantus TM products intended for the United States market, and entiled to the VAS Industries three years warranty and services program. Aurum Cantus - Ribbon Tweeter Speaker, this is a speaker that needs to be heard and seen to be appreciated, if you haven't heard it, you are missing something very special!


           Now you have VAS Industries to back up everything that is sold with a full warranty and great service after the sale, you can enjoy your wonderful music with great gears for less money.







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